6 Reasons to visit Kamakura in Autumn – Part 1



Kamakura is a place to be visited all year long, however Autumn is already here and this is a season that Japan surprises us once again with its colors. Many places, including Kamakura, are here to make justice to this heartwarming season.

The scenery is breathtaking everywhere in Kamakura but I’ll dare to focus on some, only some hot spots around this beautiful city I love so much.

The foliage forecast this year suggests the best viewing in Kamakura will be from mid November until early December. Though it’s hard to tell when exactly it’s going to peak. 

1) Hasedera Temple:
This temple is my favorite as I wrote an article about it here (http://we-base.jp/kamakura/blog/hasedera-temple/), it takes my breath away in any of the seasons but it can get even more splendorous during Autumn. Hasedera is the only temple in Kamakura that illuminates their foliage at night. Only 13 minutes-walk from WeBase. 


2) Kotokuin Temple (Great Buddha):
Besides of the main attraction of this temple, the Great Buddha, its grounds are surrounded by maple and ginkgo trees so you’ll be able to see some red maples and gold ginkgo on the background of the Great Buddha. You may want to check other article in our blog about it here (http://we-base.jp/kamakura/blog/big-buddha/). Only 15 minutes-walk from WeBase. 


3) Hokokuji Temple (Bamboo Temple):
Along with the foliage you can walk through the bamboo garden. The temple grounds also have plenty of plants and trees and most of them are changing their colors during this season. It’s located about 10 minutes by bus from JR Kamakura station.

4) Engakuji Temple:
You’ll be able to explore the vibrant autumn colors of this Temple from different spots, the entrance gate of this charming Zen Buddhist temple is surrounded by maple trees, and there are plenty of relaxing walking paths to admire the beauty all around. It’s located a few steps away from JR Kita-Kamakura Station.

5) Meigetsuin Temple (Hydrangea Temple):
The circular window in the main hall of this temple gets your attention in all the seasons, but the contrast of the inner garden on Autumn colors with the circular window is breathtaking. Only 10 minutes-walk from JR Kita-Kamakura Station.


6) Kenchoji Temple:
This is the oldest and the first Zen Temple in Kamakura, surrounded by nature, stairs and a beautiful zen garden, which looks stunning on this season. In addition, if you like dragons, in the Dharma Hall, there’s an amazing ceiling painting. The first time I saw it, it left me speechless for a few seconds while contemplating that beautiful Dragon in the ceiling. It takes 20 minutes-walk from JR Kita-Kamakura Station.


WeBase offers bicycle  rental to make your adventure even more convenient. (500 yen per half day or 1000 yen per day. Non-guests rental is subject to availability.)

The map below shows all the spots I focused on and our Front Desk staff are always available to give you more details about how to get in each place.

The map also  shows more 6 places I’m going to focus on very soon. Hope you’re excited to know a little more about Kamakura during Autumn! See you soon!



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