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big buddha

What is Big Buddha

The most famous landmark in Kamakura is the Great Buddha (Daibutsu).
Located in Hase Kotokuin Temple.
The 13.35 meter height and 93 tons weight, bronze sitting Buddha is the second
largest in Japan , after the one at Todaiji Nara.
You can even go inside the statue for an extra 20 yen. Many visitors over the years
have left their mark on the inside of the statue.
The Daibutsu dates back to 1252 in the Kamakura period and was originally housed
inside a temple, just like the famous temple Toudai-ji in Nara. But the building was
destroyed by a storm in the 14th century (1334 & 1369), and was rebuilt. Then in the
late 15th century (September 20, 1498) the last building house of the statue was
washed away by a Tsunami. Their are pictures of the aftermath located within the
temple walls.
Since then, the Great Buddha has stood in the open space is it today giving it a
significant presence in Kamakura.

Originally the Great Buddha located on top of a hill could look directly out to the
ocean at Yuigahama beach located 20 minutes a way bt foot. Feeding off the energy
of the mountains and forest behind it and ocean in front the Great Buddha provided
a great source of power to the local Kamakura people.
Along the way to the Great Buddha of Kamakura from Hase Station, you can find
some japanese food shops and Kamakura souvenir stores similar to those in
If you have not seen statue of Buddha before, it is definitely worth a visit.

Hours and Fee

Kotokuin (Big Buddha) Temple

Hours 8:00-17:30 (until 17:00 from October to March)
Closed No closing days
Admission 200 yen

Interior Statue

Hours 8:00-16:30
Admission 20 yen

Getting There

  • From WeBase Kamakura HostelIt take 15-minutes by walk to Great Buddha . Or
    10 minutes by bicycle with parking available at the temple.
  • From Hase stationIt take 5-minute by walk to Great Buddha
  • From Kamakura stationIt take 5-minute by Train (Enoden Railway) and 5-minute
    by walk from Hase station to Great Buddha
  • From Tokyo station It take 1hour from Tokyo to Hase station, and 5-minute by
    walk to Great Buddha

Map from WeBase Hostel to the Kotokuin temple

Best time to go

On a weekday before 11am before the masses arrive.


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