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Community Hostel


Infection Control Measures (updated on January19)

WeBase Hakata is a part of the "Fukuoka STAY Safety and Security Declaration" and is a hostel where guests can feel at home.

We are committed to continue to be a safe facility in which you can feel at ease during your stay with us. Thorough measures against infectious diseases will be conducted around the clock.

~Safety and Security Measures

■ A Request to Our Visitors

  • Disinfect your hands when entering the building
  • Taking your temperature and filling out a Medical Questionnaire form
    ※In case of a fever over 37.5 degrees Celsius, you may not be allowed to stay at this hostel as instructed by the health center.
  • Washing your hands and practicing cough etiquette

■ Health Management of Staff

  • All staff members are required to wear masks, wash their hands, gargle, and take care of their health
  • Health checks for all staff, including temperature checks, are held at the beginning and the end of their shifts 
    ※If they have any symptoms of a cold, they are not allowed to come to work
  • They must thoroughly wash their hands and disinfect their hands during thief shifts
  • Staff rooms: equipped with disinfectant solution, thorough cleansing, and alcohol sterilization


■ Hygiene Management within the Building

[Front Desk]
  • Installation of disinfectant solution
  • Installation of  clear protection panels
  • Alcohol sterilization after each use of the: front desk, check-in panels, pens, and card keys
  • Keeping the entrance door completely open (during the day)
  • Limiting the number of people entering the front desk at once 
  • Trays are used when accepting payments made by cash or card 


[Guest Rooms]
    • Careful cleaned and regularly ventilated
    • Walls, handrails, doorknobs and other areas that come in contact with hands are thoroughly sanitized with including alcohol
    • Sterilized by an ozone generator and an ultraviolet lamp
      ※Ozone and ultraviolet light have been shown to be effective against viruses
    • Constantly deodorized and the humidity is controlled by an air filtering machine
    • Trash collection: masks and gloves are worn when disposing tightly sealed trash bags
  • Installation of disinfectant solution
  • Tables and kitchen appliances (microwaves, pots, etc.): sterilized with alcohol every 2 to 3 hours, especially in areas that come into contact with hands
  • Kitchen area: Thoroughly sanitized and cleaned every 3 hours
  • Tableware: Properly cleaned and sterilized
  • Request to maintain social distance


  • Installation of disinfectant solution
  • Buttons: sanitized hourly with alcohol 
  • Entire area, including floors and walls, are cleaned and sterilized with alcohol


[Shower rooms and Restrooms]
  • Installation of disinfectant solution
  • Cleaned during the day and at night and ensuring regular ventilation
  • Walls, handrails, doorknobs and other areas that come in contact with hands are thoroughly sanitized with alcohol
  • Sterilized and deodorized with an ozone generator
  • Shower rooms: informing guests of crowded hours
  • Washroom spaces: request to maintain social distance
  • Toilet door knobs: covered with copper ion antibacterial sheets
  • Used towels: collected, stored in an airtight container, washed, and disinfected



<Other Information>

If you have any questions or concerns about your stay, please feel free to contact us for more information.
Front Desk: 092‐292‐2322


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