Kendo 剣道

Hi Everyone.
So, next week, as always by the end of July, Fukuoka city is hosting one of the most outstanding sports events of the year.
Of course, I am telling you of no less than the incredible GYOKURYUKI Highschool Kendo Tournament.

For those of you unfamiliar with Kendo ― Japanese fencing ― one should bear in mind that for many, this is a lot more than just a sport.
Indeed, Kendo is not only a very competitive fighting sport, but also a very important and genuine Japanese cultural asset in itself.
As for the Gyokuryuki Tournament, this is a Highschool students competition gathering teams from all over Japan, the first three days, from Tuesday July 24 to 26 being the ladies’ 3-day competition, the next three days of the weekend, from Friday, July 27 to 29, the boys highly expected turn.
A always this grand tournament is organized by the Nishi Nippon Newspaper and takes place in Fukuoka’s MARINEMESSE by the Hakata Bayside area.
For those of you interested in catching a glimpse of true Japanese Kendo at its top level, this is a one-in-lifetime chance.
If you are coming to Fukuoka this week, don’t miss this opportunity by no means.
And of course, any information you may need to get there, we at WeBase HAKATA will be more than glad to help you.
Come visit Fukuoka, come stay with us at WeBase HAKATA!

玉竜旗トーナメントは日本全国から集まる高校生の大会で今まさに大会の真っただ中です^ ^
開場はWeBase 博多よりバスで直通のマリンメッセ福岡です。迫力ある大会を一度ご覧になられてはいかがでしょうか?




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