Nokonoshima 能古島

Nokonoshima is an island full of flowers all through the year. You can see the Shikanoshima island in front of you from the ferry.
People from the continent might had arrived at the Hakata port while watching this scenery, I imagine during 10 mins cruise.
There are some instagrammable spot in Nokonoshima, but what I noticed was trash boxes that do not spoil the beautiful landscape, flower pots made of bamboo and rental ‘Goza’ mat.
It is a place where you can relax and enjoy the plenty of nature. As of now, it seems that guests from China occupy the majority.
No.312 buses take you to the ferry port from Gofukumachi. You should check the time schedule from the port to island. Only 1 or 2 ferries come every hour. Enjoy the day trip to Nokonoshima!!


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