Ikinomatsubara Beach 生の松原海岸

Hi everyone! We are entering the month of June and with it the usual rainy season (Tsuyu) is expected in Japan.
Despite being a time of cloudy gray skies, the months of June and July are very hot and often bring some breaches of sunlight among the clouds, and even some really wonderful sunshiny days, calling for a swim on the beach.
Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite beaches in Fukuoka: this Ikinomatsubara beach in Nishi Ward, Fukuoka city, a lovely 2 Km stretch of golden sand and green warm sea surrounded by a shadowy pinewood providing the perfect shelter for days when the sunlight and heat may be to much to bear. Besides this, Ikinomatsubara hides some very interesting archeological secrets from the time of the second wave of Mongol incursions over Japan in 1275, making it one of the most interesting spots in Fukuoka for those who who have a pench for Japanese History.
For those of you visiting us this summer, this is my suggestion.
For all more information on how to get to Ikinomatsubara from Hakata ward, please feel free to contact us at WeBase HAKATA.
We are always delighted to show you the best of our city!

Come to Fukuoka, come stay with us at WeBase HAKATA!




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