Toka Ebisu New Year Festival 十日恵比須神社大祭

Hi everyone!
Lest we forget, this week we’ll have some some grand ceremony on going in town.
This is the Toka Ebisu New Year Festival, a major festival dedicated to Ebisu, the Shinto god of prosperous fishing and business. For this event, it is customary for Fukuoka businessmen to visit the Toka Ebisu Shrine during the New Year. The event also gathers over 300 stalls with many kinds of foods, beverages and other goods (including lucky charms), and one may also try his/her luck in the fukubiki – a lottery where everyone is granted a prize! Also, as for a tradition associated with this festival, Geisha show up in their formal black kimono at the kachi-mairi parade which starts at 15:00 on Jan. 9. If you are to come to Fukuoka this week, please don’t miss this great opportunity to take part in this rather unusual festivity of our city. お楽しみに!

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