【Hakata Gourmet Food】Sashimi Restaurant “Tenya-machi no Demekin”

Hello, this is WeBase Hakata!!

It is often said that Hakata has many delicious foods.
Among them, Hakata is known for…Sashimi!


A four-minute walk from WeBase Hakata, there is a restaurant called “Tenya-machi no Demekin”.

The manager purchases the fish from Nagahama Port himself.
The fish are bled out in the restaurant before being served.
You can feel how the store wants you to enjoy the delicious fish caught in Hakata.

The fish tank at the entrance of the restaurant.

This is what the exterior looks like.

The sign shows that the prices are rather reasonable….
I visited the restaurant for lunch.

The restaurant has just been built, so the interior was clean.
The ordering system was through a touch screen panel.

Language conversion was supported, but the menu items were not changed, so you can look at the pictures and decide! ☺

They had items ranging from sashimi to grilled fish, boiled fish, and fried fish.
It was hard to decide which one to pick…

This time, I ordered the sashimi set meal (B).
Look how beautiful the sashimi is.
They were fresh and I was very satisfied with the price and quantity.

If you pay an extra 300 yen, you can swap the rice that comes with the set meal for a mini Kaisen-don (rice bowl with fresh seafood on top).

If you want to eat boiled or fried fish, but also want sashimi, this is the place for you!!

This restaurant is very easy to walk into even on a whim.
I will definitely visit again!
Thank you very much for the meal;-)

■Tenya-machi no Demekin
〒812-0025 1-11, Tenya-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
■WeBase Hakata




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