Souvenir Japanese Sweets “Suzukake Honten”

Hello! This is WeBase Hakata.

This time, we’re going to introduce you to Suzukane, a restaurant just 3-minutes from WeBase Hakata by walking. (‘◇’)ゞ


It’s near the subway exist at Nakasukawabata, which all Hakata enthusiasts would know.

The five colors of the curtain represent water, nature, sun, fire, and earth, and are based on the concept of “Japanese sweets with a sense of the four seasons.”(^^♪

Lunch is also available.
It is a hamburger steak with lots of vegetables and mushrooms. You can choose between bread or rice.
Looks delicious…

To the right of the entrance, there is a souvenir corner full of beautiful Japanese sweets!
This time, we also had this as part of our lunch set.

It is also famous for its Suzuno Parfait, which contains a cologne filled with Suzukake’s classic Suzuno Zhong.
If you are in need of a souvenir, why not visit?

■Suzukake Honten
〒812-0026 Fukuoka, Hakata Ward, Kamikawabatamachi, 12−20




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