A Hideaway Restaurant ”Ono no Hanare”

Hello, this is WeBase Hakata (*^-^*).

This time I will introduce “Ono no Hanare” in Akasaka.


You need to walk in from the street, press the intercom, and walk up the stairs to get to your seat.

It’s quite special…. I would recommend this restaurant to friends, family, and couples.



At Ono no Hanare, the store owner, Mr. Ono, personally goes to the Nagahama market to purchase seasonal fish from various fishing ports throughout Japan, with a particular focus on Fukuoka’s local products.☺☺

This time, I ordered the limited time menu.

This gorgeous course is only 2,068 yen and can be reserved until July 15. It is available for both lunch and dinner.

In addition to the two side dishes that change daily, you get a small bowl of rice (kombu cod roe, takana, grilled egg), miso soup, pickles, freshly cooked rice, and steamed sushi with kama-age shirasu 💓.

It was an extravagant day.

You should definitely go there with your loved ones!

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■Ono no Hanare

〒810-0073 Fukuoka, Chuo Ward, Maizuru, 1 Chome−3−11 2F


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