Taco Restaurant 【La Jolla】

Hello, this is WeBase Hakata!!

This time we’ re going to introduce “La jolla”, a taco restaurant in Munakata.

Look at that pretty pink exterior!

The weather was perfect that day, and I felt as if I was really in Mexico.

I immediately looked at the menu…

Taco Chicken Plate.
Asian tacos filled with homegrown vegetables as well as shrimp and pork.
Celery, coriander, okra, pumpkin… I could taste so many different flavors one after another, but they all came together so well that I was able to eat enough in one.
I recommend eating it with jalapenos for a taste change in the second half of the meal!!

I was also given a share of the Cajun chicken, which was delicious and spicy.

The interior of the restaurant was also decorated with Mexican goods and accessories, which was wonderful.
There is also a small space for children to play.

The restaurant is run by a small number of people, so it would be good to have plenty of time to visit.
You can also make a reservation for takeout by phone.

Please try it out!

■ラ ホヤ【La Jolla】
44-2, Kounominato, Munakata, Fukuoka 811-3501, Japan




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