Nostalgic Monjayaki Restaurant「Shitamachiya」

Hello! WeBase Hakata here.

I found a monjayaki restaurant which is not often seen in Hakata!!
It’s located in Minoshima near Hakata station.
You can directly go there by a bus without any transfers from WeBase Hakata.
This nostalgic restaurant is always crowded so I recommend making an appointment in advance by phone.

It’s all you can eat and drink.
I recommend trying the Mentai-Mochi cheese which is the most popular item on the menu. It tastes really good!
I don’t know why, sometimes I really feel like eating Monjayaki…
Monjayaki Video

The waiters will make it for you( *´艸`)

You can enjoy the Teppanyaki menu too!
And also 3 kinds of Teppanyaki are included in the all-you-can-eat menu!

You will definitely be full from this restaurant!
I really enjoyed it!
One of the staff members, Rie, really likes this restaurant💓


3 Chome-15-6 Minoshima, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka, 812-0017


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