Rojiura Cafe “Libre”

Hello, this is WeBase HAKATA!

This time, we’ll be introducing a new restaurant, Rojiura Cafe “Libre”!
Only a  three-minute walk from WeBase Hakata.

This restaurant has a real “back alley” feel to it…very exciting♡
It is usually lined with various stores such as okonomiyaki restaurants and Korean restaurants.
The dishes here are made with lots of seasonal vegetables💓💓
Perfect for women and men who enjoy a well balanced meal!
On this day, I had the BBQ plate and a detox salad.
So many vegetables in each appetizer! Each one was small, but added up, there was quite the amount.
It’s probably best to eat slowly here.
The soup, bitter melon, and vegetables were all very tasty!!!
I don’t usually eat mushrooms, but… the ones served here I was able to eat all of them !
This is what it looked like inside the restaurant.
My lunch was prepared by these two kind women.
You can see the variety of drinks they have too.
They have a lot of vegetables, so they can accommodate vegans. I think I found a really good place.
Next time, I’d like to go back for their three ingredient smoothie curry! All of them are vegetable based curry apparently.(^^♪
The meal I had here was delicious.
Thank you for the food! ☺

812-0024 Fukuoka, Hakata Ward, Tsunabamachi, 5−5




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