Tatsumi Sushi

Hello from WeBase HAKATA!

This restaurant is a 3-minute walk from our hostel.

It’s an old restaurant famous for its creative twist on classic sushi.

This is Tatsumi Sushi.

We often get inquiries from guests from overseas at the front desk about amazing sushi restaurants and will likely recommend here.

Here, the prices are reasonable with courses starting from 3000 yen.

Just look at this tempura!

The batter looks like it’s glistening with gold.

It was so crunchy and delicious.

There were other delicious dishes as well.

Now introducing the sushi, as well as a cocktail glass filled with lots of “ikura” (salmon roe) and “uni” (sea urchin)!

Even the soups were very tasty!
All the dishes here were easy on the stomach and delectable, so if you are ever in Hakata, please give it a try!


■Tatsumi Sushi

8-5 Shimokawabatamachi



※Business hours may be shortened due to infectious disease control measures.





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