“Midnight Child” 『真夜中の子供』

Did you read “Midnight Child” by Hitonari Tsuji? This novel is set in Nakasu which is very next to WeBase HAKATA.
The close location, Hakata dialect, and the story related to my favorite Yamakasa… I read it without stopping.

It will be a film and the attached pictures are from the press release last month.
It would be a great chance to let people know Yamakasa and Hakata well. Look forward to the movie!

We have the book at our 9th floor “Books & Lounge”. Check it out.


辻仁成さんの『真夜中の子供』は、読まれましたか?この小説の舞台は、WeBase 博多のすぐそば!中洲です。

IMG_4574 IMG_4576


小説『真夜中の子供』は、WeBase 博多 9階 “Books & Lounge”にも並んでいます。読んでみてください♪

IMG_4581 IMG_4580




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