“Follower Assignment Plan” “フォロ割プラン”が登場

WeBase HAKATA now offers a “Follower Assignment Plan”.
Please use your Instagram/Twitter account, 1 follower equals 1 yen and you will receive a discount on the room rate☺.
e.g. for 3 people
Maximum of 2 accounts per room (if the maximum number of people in the room is 2 or more)
A: 150 on Twitter/500 on Instagram
Mr. B: Twitter 50/Instagram 300
Mr C: 150 Twitter/700 Instagram

A and C accounts with the highest number of followers are eligible for a total discount of 1500 yen.
Junior high school students and above are also eligible for this offer.

Please tell us about your photos with Nyapy and about your experience in WeBase Hakata
To make a booking, please visit our official website.

⭐WeBase 博多のプランに“フォロ割プラン”が登場しましたΣ(・ω・ノ)ノ⭐
Aさん:Twitter 150人/Instagram 500人
Bさん:Twitter  50人/Instagram 300人
Cさん:Twitter 150人/Instagram 700人
Nyapyとの写真やWeBase 博多での暮らしをご紹介ください♩
ご予約は公式サイトから ➡ https://directin.jp/?y=A5K9R6



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