Traditional Japanese Shoes 草履・下駄

Summer is ending, but it’s still hot enough here to wear light Summer clothes and footwear, and it seems like it’s going to be like this well into October.
What about getting yourself a nice pair of fine traditional Japanese shoes, the likes of “zori” (traditional Japanese sandals) or “geta” (traditional japanese wooden clogs)?
If you’re looking for one of these and you want them to be really Japanese in style and crafting, here very close to us at WeBase HAKATA, you’ll find just the perfect spot for you shopping: right next to the Hakata-Za Theatre, a quick 3 minute walk from WeBase HAKATA, you’ll find the loveliest zori & geta shop in town — this is Hakimonodokoro Hayama, a shop fully specialized on traditional Japanese footwear for over a century! All articles are genuinely made in Japan and, for the most part, they are sold for very reasonable prices.
If you’re coming by and you’ve been thinking of getting yourself a fine comfy pair of ‘zori’, come take a look at this beautiful shop, Hayama, an absolute must of Old Hakata!
Come visit us. Come stay at WeBase Hakata!

履物処はや満 (はきものどころ はやま) 812-0027
HAKIMONODOKORO HAYAMA Shop 1-332 Shimokawabata-Machi Hakata-ku Fukuoka, a short 3 minute walk from WeBase HAKATA, across Meiji-Dori Av.


福岡も朝晩は過ごしやすくなりましたが、日中はまだまだ軽快な夏の装いで十分。そんな日が10月まで続きそうです。 そこで気温の高い日も快適に過ごせる、日本の伝統的な履物である草履や下駄はいかがですか?
職人が作る本格的な草履や下駄がWeBase 博多から徒歩3分、博多座近く「履物処はや満」でお求めいただけます^ ^
WeBase 博多で、皆さんのお越しをお待ちしています。

履物処はや満/はきものどころはやま 812-0027


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