“Setsubun” Feb.3rd  櫛田神社の「おたふく面」

Celebrated throughout Japan on Feb.3rd “Setsubun” refers to the day before the first day of spring on the lunar calendar and is the day when people throw beans and shout “Out with the devil! In with luck!” to drive bad luck out of their homes.
Fukuoka City is famous for holding the “Hakata Kushida Shrine Setsubun Festival”.
To enter the shrine, you must walk through the mouth of the largest otafuku mask (“smiling woman”) in Japan, which is thought to bring good luck and prosperity in business.

You can enjoy the Otafuku Mask form the end of January till around February 10th at Kushida Shrine, just a few minutes’ walk from WeBase Hakata.






WeBase 博多から徒歩5分のお櫛田さん(櫛田神社)博多に来た際は一度行かれてみて下さい😊
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