Feature on Iki IslandI 壱岐島特集

Everyone! Do you know Iki Island, a remote island in Nagasaki Prefecture that floats in the Nada of Genkai in Kyushu?
It is located about one hour by express boat from Hakata Port and two hours by ferry.
There are more than 150 shrines in the island, including sea urchin, fresh seafood, and
Iki beef in the clear emerald green sea, which is comparable to Okinawa.
The whole island is also said to be a power spot.
Why don’t you enjoy the charm of Iki this summer?

沖縄にも負けてない透き通ったエメラルドグリーンの海に ウニや新鮮な魚介類、壱岐牛などの豊富なグルメや島内には150以上の神社があり 島全体がパワースポットとも言われています。



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