About cleaning of a beautiful hostel きれいなホステル、WeBase 博多

Hello! There are a lot of good reviews about cleanness of this facility, which we thank to the leaders. They have a strong professional consciousness. When we consult about cleaning, they collect some information how to do from around here and there, or make use of their experiences, and find ways to clean up. It seems that everything is an action from the desire to make guests feel comfortable. We aim for being a beautiful hostel from now on.

おはようございます!WeBase 博多の非常に多い口コミの1つに「とてもきれいな施設でした」というものがあります。
これからも、みんなできれいなホステル、WeBase 博多を目指します。写真はおそらくWeBaseのWと清掃業者の会社の頭文字Mではないかと思っています

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