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新世代賞 受賞作品の福岡での展覧会日程が、2019年3月20日〜4月2日に決定❗️ WeBase 博多と福岡アジア美術館にて行われます♪ お楽しみに 【WeBa…[MORE]

Official web site in 5 languages Webaseホームページ5言語対応

Chinese New Year will be coming on Feb 5th this year. It is said that Chinese fa…[MORE]

Tourist notebook in Webase HAKATA 旅人ノート

Today I introduce the information corner and tourist notebook at the lounge. The…[MORE]

Spa Original Plan 万葉の湯 オリジナルプラン

위베이스하카타 오리지널 온천 서비스 소개입니다♨️ 여기는 온천으로 유명한 유후인,타케오온천 물을 이용합니다.다른 곳보다 좀 넓고 시설 안에 노래…[MORE] Guests Review Awards 2018 クチコミ賞

Good morning We received the 「Guests Review Awards 2018」from! In 201…[MORE]

Happy New Year! 2019

새해 복 많이 받으세요〜^ ^ 일본어로 「아케마시테 오메데토 고자이마쓰」라고 합니다. 일본에 계시는 한국 분들 써 보세요. Happy new y…[MORE]


Thank you so much for 2018! We look forward to seeing you all here at “WeB…[MORE]

SHIP’S CAT Sake Cup オリジナルおちょこ

We prepared original Japanese sake cap of SHIP’S CAT もーいくつ寝るとお正月♫ですね。 2018年、たくさん…[MORE]

Agoda CUSTOMER REVIEW AWARDS 9.2! アゴダ クチコミ賞

We received the 2018 CUSTOMER REVIEW AWARDS from agoda , amazing! Thank you for …[MORE]

“Fukuoka Urban Beautification Award” 福岡市都市景観賞「広告部門賞」

안녕하세요. 위베이스하카타 고양이 Nyapy가 후쿠오카현의 광고 상을 받았습니다✨ 12月2日福岡市都市景観賞「広告部門賞」いただきました✨ SHIP&…[MORE]