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SHIP’S CAT “Nyapy” シプスキャット “ニャーピー”

Nyapy was introduced on the Nishinippon news paper yesterday. Come to see our Ny…[MORE]

Rental Wear レンタルウェア

안녕하세요. 위베이스 하카타에서 새롭게 면 티셔츠와 반바지를 대여하고 있습니다. chambers의 세련되고 착용감이 편한 의류를 대여하실 수 있…[MORE]


Have you seen KABUKI? It is held from June 2nd to 26th. You must be enjoy seeing…[MORE]

【博多松囃子(まつばやし)】Hakata Matsubayashi 

  2018年5月3日の朝、三福神がWeBase 博多を表敬訪問してくださいました。 博多839年の伝統の誇り松囃子は、益々の弥栄を祈念してくださる新…[MORE]

Dontaku festival どんたく

    Dontaku festival starts tomorrow‼︎ April 3th / 4th 3th 1:00p.m. – …[MORE]

Rides In ReVellion

A group member of Rides In ReVellion stayed with us today. Thank you for staying…[MORE]

Youtube of WeBase HAKATA

Introuction video of WeBase HAJATA just uploaded ! Please have a look on youtube…[MORE]

Popular “Nyapy” ニャーピー大人気

WeBase HAKATA’s symbol SHIP’S CAT “Nyapy” is so popular!…[MORE]

“Fukuoka Keizai-Economy” April edition 『ふくおか経済』4月号

Our member Ying Yu is in “Girls in Fukuoka” of “Fukuoka Keizai…[MORE]

WeBase 博多の公式SNS

現在、WeBase 博多では、公式のFacebook、Instagramを更新しています(^^♪ 九州・福岡の情報や、開催予定のイベント情報などUPしているので…[MORE]