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Kimetsu no Yaiba! 鬼滅の刃メンバー

WeBase HAKATA 9F Lounge has Kimetsu no Yaiba members Rengoku-san, Nezuka, and Ta…[MORE]

Christmas has arrived to WeBase HAKATA  

Hi everyone!   Christmas has arrived to WeBase HAKATA   I hope our gue…[MORE]


【Party/Event/Photography/Lesson/Meeting】   How to use Books & Lounge at…[MORE]

WeBase HAKATA photo shooting♪ 館の撮影を行いました♪

Good morning!   We did WeBase HAKATA photo shooting these days. Thanks to o…[MORE]

“Hakata Matsubayashi Exhibition” 『博多松囃子展』

  Good morning!   “Hakata Matsubayashi Exhibition” just st…[MORE]

Our gourmet map 

Our gourmet map will help who don’t know which restaurant to go around Hakata by…[MORE]

Tarot reading 【タロット占い@WeBase 博多】

Tarot reading @ WeBase Hakata WeBase HAKATA Tarot reading collaboration   &…[MORE]

New room ”SuperiCabinor ”  『スーペリアキャビン』

We have recently renovated our hostel and a new room type called “Superior…[MORE]