Safety and Prevention Protocol against Covid-19
Safety and Prevention Protocol against Covid-19

The best location for business trip and travel

Providing support in multiple languages

Safe, secure, clean and full facilities

Hotel & Hostel in the center of Hiroshima.


What is WeBase Hiroshima?

WeBase, Japan’s largest community hostel and hotel brand, was opened to serve as a hub connecting young people and travelers from around the world with local communities.
WeBase Hiroshima, conveniently located in central Hiroshima, is within walking distance of the Peace Memorial Park and the popular Hondori shopping and nightlife arcade.


Multilingual support for comfortable travel

Our strength is unquestionably our multilingual staff, who are eager to interact with guests from different cultures and understand diverse worldviews. They are always on standby, ready to help in multiple languages.


Relax in seven types of clean, comfortable rooms with abundant amenities


WeBase icon and guardian of travel

WeBase’s icon comes from the cat motif that traveled the world as guardian deity during the Age of Exploration.

This piece of art, which signifies departure, hope and birth to support the travel of the next generation, welcomes and sends off many travelers each day.


Access to WeBase Hiroshima

4-16 Nakamachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture


By Hiroshima Electric Railway, 9-minute walk from Tate-machi or 5-minute walk from Fukuro-machi