Invitation of going around Yokohama by yacht

About 40 minutes drive from WeBase Kamakura, Yokohama Sailing Co. is located at Yokohama Bay Side Marina.
Would you like to refresh yourself by forgetting busy life in an extraordinary space, and feeling afternoon sulight and sea breeze? Specialists will be on board with you to make sure your safety. You can enjoy sailing with your family, partner, friends for a change or for various occations including special anniversary and celebrations. Also, you can choose extra activities like meals during sailing, Kayak experience, and fishing.

If charterd, you can take your pets together for a sailing. Enjoy this refreshing holidays with your very special familiy.

Group Tour Package

Using charted yacht

This is a group tour to enjoy activities like Kayak and fishing.

Hour:5 hours 


Person:Up to 6 persons
*You can bring in your favorite drinks, light meals, and snacks.

*Restroom stall is eqipped on a yacht.

*Yacht can be chartered for 6 persons or more.
To charter, you will be charged for 6 persons even if 5 or less on board.

*If chartered, up to 2 pets are allowed on board.

Reseve Group Tour

Yokohama Sailing Co.