WeBase Hiroshima

Inspire the World's
Young people to Travel!Community Hostel
“WeBase Hiroshima”
is opening on the 11th October 2019!

About us

WeBase Hiroshima is the 5th accommodation facility of WeBase Hostel and Hotel group followed by Kamakura, Hakata, Kyoto and Takamatsu. WeBase is the biggest community centred hostel and hotel brand and we would like to become a hub that connects world’s young travellers and locals.

WeBase Hiroshima is located in the heart of the city centre and walk distance from Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Hondori - one of the biggest shopping street beloved by locals.

Our goal is to become a community centred hostel that inspire our guests to experience and discover more by exposing to local culture and kindness of local people.

We welcome travellers from all over the world with multilingual support and hospitality.


We have seven types of rooms which is Mixed Dorm, Private Double Bedroom, Private Bunk Bedroom for Two or Four, Private Queen Bedroom, Private Accessible Queen Bedroom and Private Premium Queen Bedroom. All private rooms come with it's own bathroom and you can choose room type depends on your need.


Private Double Bedroom

Room size 9.02m²~10.55m²

Recommend to a couple or a family

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Private Queen Bedroom

Room size 10.27m²〜11.08m²

Comfortable Queen size bedroom

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Private Bunk Bedroom for Two

Room size 10.24m²〜11.08m²

Recommend to a couple or a family

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Private Bunk Bedroom for Four

Room size 11.99m²

Recommend to a group of friends or a family

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Mixed Dorm

Dorm floor size 93.10m²
Bed size 90cm x 200cm

Cozy and affordable!

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Private Premium Queen Bedroom

Room size 12.32m²

Comfortable Queen size bed in larger room

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Private Accessible Queen Bedroom

Room size 15.61m²

Recommend to guest who use wheelchairs, have some other mobility difficulty

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SHIP'S CAT is a giant sculpture created by Yanobe Kenji who is a contemporary artist, and it is a motif of cats had have been carried on ships to control rodents and to offer companionship to sailors travelling all over the world during the Age of exploration.

SHIP'S CAT has been an icon for WeBase group accommodation facilities, and Mr.Yanobe makes each sculpture to be able to match the facility and the local community, and also with wish to predict the future of world travel and to be a guardian for the World’s Young People to travel safe and find great opportunities in the chaotic world we live in.

WeBase Hiroshima SHIP'S CAT is coming soon!


4-16 Nakamachi Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture 730-0037
By streetcar: 9 minutes walk from Tatemachi or 5 minutes walk from Fukuromachi