Relax in the lounge / cafe


About the lounge

Free Internet access, great for your work. SHIP'S CAT welcomes you from the ceiling! WeBase Cafe

WeBase HIROSHIMA is located in the city center, and central shopping district is within walking distance. The spacious lounge with glass sided is on the first floor which has free internet access. It is also available as WeBase Cafe.

Free wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) access

Free high speed Wi-Fi access is available within the building.

Wide Desk

Our lounge welcomes guests with comfortable chairs and tables in the bright sunlight through glass sided.

Shared kitchen

Shared kitchen equipped with a refrigerator is available for staying guests. You can cook your own meals.

WeBase Cafe

About Cafe menu

Our coffee beans are specially roasted and brended from a popular local shop,Nishinaya.


SHIP’S CAT is looking down WeBase Cafe

The big cat in a diving suit looking down from the ceiling is SHIP'S CAT. It was created by a contemporary artist, Mr Kenji Yanobe, as a part of the art project for WeBase, and based on Mr Yanobe's impresstion about the Torii Gate when he visited Miyajima on school excursion.

About the event

You can enjoy various events at WeBase HIROSHIMA!

Besides festive events like Hallween, Chiristmas, you can also get fresh vegetables and fruits at pop-up market. Food trucks offer delicious foods and drinks for you to enjoy!

About workation

Teleworking / Workation in WeBase HIROSHIMA?

One of WeBase HIROSHIMA's strong points is its cost-effectiveness. The central shopping district, such as Hondori shopping arcade, is within walking distance and easy access to buses, trams and ferries. The spacious lounge provides power outlets and it suits for teleworking. You also can relax in your private time.

Tourist attractions around WeBase HIROSHIMA

• Miyajima / Itsukushima Shrine
• Shimanami Kaido Road
• MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima
• Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (10-minute walk)
• Hiroshima Castle (18-minute walk)
• Peace Boulevard (1-minute walk)
• Hiroshima Hondori Shopping Street (3-minute walk)
• Hiroshima Orizuru Tower (13-minute walk)
• Okonomimura (5-minute walk)
• Nagarekawa Street (7-minute walk)