LANGUAGE Traveller Review Awards 2022


We are honoured to have received “Traveller Review Awards 2022” from one of the leading online travel site!! Many thanks to everyone who stayed with us and many thanks to all who gave us with warm reviews.  

Now the cherry tree has blooming in Hiroshima!

blooming in Hiroshima!

The cherry tree has blooming in Hiroshima this weekend.  Unfortunately the Sakura Festival and the event of each place decreased, but will be good to look at the cherry tree in full glory relaxedly this year.  WeBase Hiroshima’s event page to share the cherry tree information of Hiroshima has been started as we introduced before, we love to see the beautiful cherry tree pictures from you!  Anyone can post as the citizens of Hiroshima, who visit Hiroshima, everyone! Please post the information about the cherry tree of Hiroshima.   It is the cherry tree of the ・・・[ MORE ]

Cherry blossom has come to WeBase HIROSHIMA!!・


Does it look real? It is fake cherry blossom, we invested just 500 yen in total. Blooming of cherry blossoms are nearly there!!

Initiatives for infectious diseases, New coronavirus


In WeBase Hiroshima, regularly setting of the plasma cluster air cleaner at the common use space to be able to spend in safe and relief to our guests. Also disinfect with alcohol throughout of the hall, including the elevator and each guest room.   We use the spray called “Charmist” for sterilization, it is not only the deodorant effect but also a virus and the bacterial sanitization are effective.   Installed alcohol antiseptic solution in front of elevator of each floor, the reception desk counter, and kitchen. Please use it. We all ready for your safe and comfort stay at ・・・[ MORE ]

Webase Hiroshima 2F Dormitory shower room


Shower room is on second floor by the dormitory. There are 5 shower room and two shower rooms and rest rooms are for woman only. A dressing room and the shower space are separate, so you can use comfortably. Also, wide mirror space is there. We are preparing toiletries as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel for free. Our all staff cleans it carefully, and waiting for guests. Please use a clean shower room at WeBase Hiroshima