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HAKATA ORI DIY KIT Make it yourself with Hakata-ori! Anyone can easily make beau…[MORE]

The policy we take to prevent coronavirus

The present Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak around the world is a major concern …[MORE]

Introduce the lounge ☆ラウンジ紹介☆

Introduce the lounge We provide a free drink service at the lounge. There was no…[MORE]

Loved by Guests 2020 Award!!

WeBase HAKATA has won the Loved by Guests 2020 Award!! The Loved by Guests Award…[MORE]

Valentine Day in Japan 明日はバレンタインデーですね~

Did you know that Valentine Day in Japan is different from what we are used to? …[MORE]

【WeBase】amenities アメニティ

It’s available to buy some amenities at the front desk such as toothblush,…[MORE]

Super clean!! 館内清掃😊

So many comments like this are given for us as a good one. We have some professi…[MORE]