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SHIP’S CAT Nyapy ニャーピー

Nyapy is in front of the gate of WeBase HAKATA and named by one of the friends o…[MORE]

“Fukuoka city cityscape prize” 福岡市都市景観賞

Good morning! “Fukuoka city cityscape prize” was announced and one o…[MORE]

Happy New Year!!🎉✨

Happy New Year!! Celebrated 2020 at the 9th floor lounge and it was so much fun….[MORE]

Merry Christmas✨

Merry Christmas✨ We also shared Christmas cake with our guests this time. It see…[MORE]

【WeBase】Books & Lounge 

We are promoting our Books & Lounge program. With over 1,500 guidebooks, boo…[MORE]

The SHIP’S CAT from WeBase.

The SHIP’S CAT from WeBase. Back in the day when people traveled around th…[MORE]