New Kabuki Program “On the night of a storm” 博多座11月花形歌舞伎

New Kabuki Program “On the night of a storm” from November 3nd to 27th at Hakataza Theatre which is only 2 minutes by walk from WeBase HAKATA.
On the night of a storm, Gabu,a wolf, and Mei, a goat, happen to encounter in a mountain hut under the cover of darkness. They talk throughout the night and become friends. It is a series of picture books and looks fantastic.

We are a one of Hakataza Theatre Partnership Hotels and sell “Yokoso Japan Ticket” to foreign guests at our reception. Feel free to ask us!

“ARASHI NO YORU NI [On the Night of a Storm]”
Daily: November 3nd through 27th
Evening show:4:30~ (Nov 15th/ 6:30pm~)

“Yokoso Japan Ticket” 7,000yen (2nd floor reserved seats)
※Must be purchased at least one day in advance
※공연 당일 전날까지 예약/구입하셔야 합니다.

ONLY SOLD AT Tourist Information Centers & Hakataza Theatre Partnership Hotels
※Not sold at Hakataza Theatre
※하카타자에서는 판매하지 않습니다.

WeBase 博多から徒歩2分の「博多座」では、11月3日から27日まで新作歌舞伎『あらしのよるに』が上演されます。
嵐の中で出会う狼「がぶ」と山羊「めい」が秘密の友達となり・・・ 絵本を歌舞伎舞台化した作品で、とても面白そうです!

WeBase 博多は「博多座」と提携しており、お得な『Yokoso Japan Ticket』(外国のお客様限定)を取り扱っています。詳細はフロントでお尋ねください!