HAKATA Matsubayashi 博多松囃子

At 8:40 am on Friday May 3rd, don’t miss the great HAKATA Matsubayashi !
Matsubayashi was originally a folk event intended to celebrate the New Year on the Chinese New Year’s Day.
Regarding the origin of Hakata Matsubayashi, it appears to have started as a celebration of Heisei Seiji’s life and deeds, a very esteemed local who died in 1179.
Nowadays it is known simply as Hakata Dontaku Festival, usually taking place on May 3rd, and for the purpose the streets of Hakata host a parade representing various facets of Fukuoka traditional life .
An handful of traditional boroughs, also known as “nagare” are represented in this parade. These are Fukujin-nagare, the Ebisu-nagare, and the Daikoku-nagare , represented by 3 figures representing the spirits of good fortune known as “Fukujin”.
The three “Fukujin” show up each riding a horse, while groups of children in traditional attires follow them singing and playing drums.
Hakata Matsubayashi or Dontaku Festival is a major celebration of Hakata’s folk traditions and WeBase Hakata is very proud to be associated with this magnificent festival.
So please come visit us and feel free to inquire at the front desk for more details on this grand event.


特に松囃子は、5月3日 8時50分からWeBaseも訪問を受けるので、ご宿泊の方はお見逃しなく‼️