Sightseeing 観光

WeBase 博多の周辺にも櫛田神社や東長寺など、徒歩圏内です。





食べ物も「水炊き いろは」さんや「あかちょこべ」さんなど選ぶのが大変、、、







WeBase 博多ではレンタカー会社との提携があります。



・ Sightseeing

Hakata is a pretty compact city, and most city spots worth a visit are easily accessible by foot, subway, or bus.


WeBase Hakata is also within a short walking distance from Kushida Shrine and Tochoji Temple.
Various local cuisine specialties such as “Iroha” stew and “Akachokobe” are to be found in many nearby restaurants and ‘yatai’ (traditional street food stalls)!


If you wish to stray a bit out of central Fukuoka, you may visit some quite extraordinary sights such Dazaifu Tenmangu and Itoshima.
Please ask our staff at WeBase HAKATA about the recommendations for places to visit in Fukuoka where you may enjoy both the best of the inner city and its surroundings.

WeBase Hakata has a tie-up with a rental car company.
You can leave from WeBase without going to the car rental center!
For details, please inquire our front desk.

― Itoshima ― Asakura ―