【7/1~7/15】Hakata Gion Yamakasa!! 山笠スタートまであと2週間!

Even though the rainy season in Japan, commonly referred to as “Tsuyu” has just started,

so far we are still having sunshiny days every week..



In the meantime, preparations for the much expected Hakata Gion Yamakasa are on the run and filling the city with excitement.Hakata Gion Yamakasa, one of the three major festivals in Fukuoka, registered by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, a

s always will be held from July 1 to 15 this year. Since WeBase Hakata opened on July 14, 2017,

this will be our second year having this great festival passing right by our door.







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The parades featuring the heavy floats as usual are held for 15 days,but from July 1st , everyone can also see

these portable floats known as “Kakiyama” on public display at such places as the Kawabata Shotengai market place or

at Gofukumachi Business Building, both just a three minute walk from WeBase Hakata .



These one ton floats are now being set up, and from July 10 daily parades in preparation for the final apotheotic race on the early morning of July 15,

will be bustling pretty much all around Hakata downtown.



Because WeBase Hakata is located just a quick 5-minute walk from Kushida Shrine and Doi-dori Street,

the epicenter of these parades, this might just be the ideal spot for you to watch the whole thing at close quarters and in all its splendor!


And what’s more, as part of this grand tradition, locals and shopkeepers alike take part in the whole happening by vigorously throwing buckets full of fresh water, known as “kisemizu”, at the Yamakasa men joining the float race, as to show their support and also to provide refreshment to the participants of this great collective effort, this being a part of the festival you too can experience first hand right here at our door with us.



So get yourself ready for a great, great time with us here at WeBase HAKATA!



WeBase 博多は2017年7月14日にオープンしたので、今年で2回目の山笠となります。





特にWeBase 博多は櫛田神社から徒歩5分の距離に位置し、目の前の土居通りは「流舁き(ながれがき)」の順路となっているため、舁き山笠が走り抜けていく姿を目の前で見学することが出来ます!



また、勢水(きおいみず)と言って、山笠の舁き手にバケツで勢いよく水をかける風習があるのですが、今年も私たちWeBase 博多スタッフが水桶から柄杓を使



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