“Hakata Okunchi”「博多おくんち」

Hakata’s Shinto deity, Kushida Shrine’s main autumn festival,

“Hakata Okunchi” has 1,200 years of history, offering thanks for a bountiful harvest in autumn.



It is said that it’s one of the three major Kunchi festivals in Japan along with Karatsu Kunchi and Nagasaki Kunch.

During the festival, various Shinto rituals, events, and a Gokokuhojo Market will take place.



On October 24 (Thu), an ox-drawn carriage pulls an ornate Mikoshi (portable shrine),

while children dressed in traditional kimono walk in a parade, starting at Kushida Shrine at 2 pm and weaving around the Hakata area.



This picture shows the Mikoshi passing in front of WeBase Hakata on October 22.



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