New year decorations. もうすぐお正月ですね。

People in Japan decorate their houses with special decorations for New Year.
“Kadomatsu”, two groups of bamboo to place in front of the entrance; “shimenawa”, a sacred straw rope to protect the door; and “kagamimochi, round, piled up mochi (rice cakes) to appreciate and eat as a token of wellbeing.

Specially decorations arranged by our general manager, Tomoko will see the old year out and the new year in, and welcome all of our guests.

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神道の年中行事のひとつとして、代々語り継がれている日本の文化の中の、鏡餅、門松、しめ縄飾りなど、年神様をお迎えするための飾りは馴染み深いですね。WeBase 博多では、2020年も支配人による生け花飾りでお正月をお迎えします。