Luggage storage 荷物保管


WeBase 博多のチェックイン時間は16時からとなります。










WeBase 博多ではフロントでチェーンキーのレンタルも行っております。



・ Luggage storage


WeBase Hakata check-in start from 4:00 pm (16:00).


Please use the self-cloak located on the 1st floor for luggage storage from morning an till you check in.
You can also use this self-cloak space after checking out.
Please beware to pick your belongings no later than 10:00 pm (22:00), this is before the front door is locked.


* What you should have when using self-cloak (^ ^
→ Chains with keys and padlocks.

Since the hostel has a lot of communal space, it is convenient to use a padlock or a chain to keep your luggage safe.

It is recommended that you mark your belongings with personalized tags.


WeBase Hakata provides chains with keys at tour front desk.
One-time rental chains cost 100 yen.
If you need one just ask our staff.