New room ”SuperiCabinor ”  『スーペリアキャビン』

We have recently renovated our hostel and a new room type called “Superior Cabin” has been added.


Our new ‘Superior Cabin’ room type is a room consisting of two single beds facing each other, provided with a desk and TV set.
To accommodate the purpose of working inside your room, the desk has a dimmable light and every handy tool you may need for your tasks, including a power outlet and USB!
This is the first room with a full-fledged desk (^^)/.
The mattresses are made by Simmons, a high quality bed manufacturer, so that you can have a good night’s sleep.
Bath towels, face towels, slippers  are also provided free of charge.


Now, as a celebration of the release of the new rooms, we are offering a limited time monitor plan campaign!
Special rates are available on condition that you fill out a questionnaire.


Please take this opportunity to take advantage of this special rate!





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