WeBase HAKATA 3rd year anniversary!!

Good morning! from WeBase HAKATA.


Congratulations on WeBase HAKATA 3rd year anniversary!!


I sincerely feel biggest gratitude for the peaceful days that we could meet with our local supporters and lots of guests around the whole world

who make our place much more vibrant, which connected by TRAVELING.


I love traveling that I could say I’m working for the next travel. And I know bunch of the kind of people are around the world.

We all staff are proud of our work which provides them with dream and happiness throughout accommodation

and have been welcoming our guests with big smiles every day.


I’m excited at that travel-available days again and meeting with lots of future guests to Hakata.

I can’t wait for your visits here!



おはようございます!WeBase 博多です


おかげさまでWeBase 博多は本日、3周年を迎えました ありがとうございます✨






WeBase 博多のスタッフ一同やりがいを持って、毎日笑顔でお客様をお迎えしています。