WeBase’s sister company “Nami” is scheduled to open in Etajima in July next year.
So, we will hold “Etajima Market” event at WeBase HIROSHIMA.
(you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits and more from farmers directly!)

Chef Kotake (who won the “Hiroshima Chef Contest”) will cook a “Etajima Sandwich” using wild boar meat, which is a specialty of Etajima. Limited number of 30 meals!

Please post Etajima-style photo with “#etajimamarket”, and you can get a green lemon 🍋 Any photos of Etajima is OK!  Please show it to the staff on the day.

Also you can enjoy the cafe at WeBase Hiroshima’s Lounge.
See you at WeBase HIROSHIMA!

Date: Fri. September 25, 2020.
Time: 10am to 3pm (Till stocks last)