About WeBase TAKAMATSU A new type of community hotel and hostel that connects the city and travelers


What is WeBase, a hotel that connects the city and travelers?

Community Hotel & Hostel WeBase was created with the mission of "Travel to the World’s Youth.” WeBase was created to serve as a hub connecting local communities in Japan with travelers from Japan and abroad. WeBase is a community hotel and hostel that aims to create a genuine community by encouraging cultural exchange between travelers and the local community.


Price Range

Clean and Safe Rooms

Near Downtown Area

Breakfast Buffet
with more than
40 menus

Friendly Staff


This is what the city of Takamatsu is like

While Takamatsu is the central city of Shikoku in terms of distribution and economy, it is also a city of art, where traditional crafts and culture such as lacquerware and bonsai, and new trends such as the "Setouchi International Art Festival" intersect. One of the main characteristics of Takamatsu is that it has many faces within a compact city.

Conveniently located near the train station and in the heart of downtown area

The hotel is only about a 6-minute walk from the nearest station, Kawaramachi Station, and about an 18-minute walk from Takamatsu Station.
The shopping arcade in Takamatsu is the longest in Japan with a total length of approximately 2.7 km, and there are many delicious restaurants in the vicinity. Of course, there are also many stores serving the famous Sanuki Udon (udon), so if you get hungry, you can immediately enjoy Takamatsu's unique gourmet cuisines.

Located near the Takamatsu Port, where you can enjoy the sea breeze

WeBase Takamatsu is a great base for island-hopping. The location is easily accessible by train or bus from Takamatsu Port, and only 20 minutes on foot. A leisurely stroll to the sea after a meal near the hotel is also a recommended course. Experience an excellent location where you can enjoy both island and city life to the fullest.

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Free Wi-Fi and power outlets for charging.

Automatic Payment Machine

Check-in and Check-out is made smoother with an automatic payment machine.


The “SHIP'S CAT" painted on each room will warmly welcome you.

Good Location

6-minute walk from Kawaramachi Station. Conveniently located near the shopping and office district.

Simmons Bed

All private rooms have Simmons beds.

Exclusive women-only Floor

The women-only floor is equipped with Dyson hair dryers.

Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast Buffet with over 40 items.


WeBase, Japan's largest community hostel and hotel brand, opened as a hub connecting young people and travelers from around the world to the local community.
One of the icons of WeBase's facilities, loved by travelers and city residents alike, is "SHIP'S CAT," a giant public artwork of a cat created in collaboration with contemporary artist Kenji Yanobe.
SHIP'S CAT, which embodies the WeBase concept, traces its roots back to the Age of Discovery.
At that time, cats traveled around the world with people as guardian gods of travel, protecting ships, preventing pestilence, and serving as confidants to sailors.
SHIP'S CAT, which was reborn in this era by Mr. Yanobe, is a guardian deity that foreshadows hope for the future, helps safety and encounters, and hopes to guide people and young people on their journeys even in a confused society.
The "Ship's Cat (Returns)" above the entrance of WeBase Takamatsu will always be there to welcome and see you off, and the "Ship's Cat" in each guest room will warmly watch over you during your journey.


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