Facilities & Services For each guest's pleasant stay


Hotel Facilities
Private Room

Gift Shop

We offer Kagawa's souvenirs selected by our staff. Have a look at some of our rare and special items.

Brochure Corner

If you have not decided on a plan during your stay, please go to the brochure corner of WeBase Takamatsu. In addition to tourist informations, there are also pamphlets full of events and advantageous campaign informations.The udon map pamphlet that covers the neighboring udon shops is a must-see.

Computer Space

Plan your trip more conveniently and comfortably. You can use a computer in the lounge for free. If you would like to printout, please contact the front desk (fee required).

Coin Laundry

A washer-dryer with automatic dosing is available (fee required). Clothing irons can also be rented.* To exchange coins, please use the automatic checkout machine on the front floor.

Smoking Area

There are smoking booths on the 2nd and 10th floors.Please note that all other rooms and the hotel is a non-smoking area.

Mini Kitchen

The shared kitchen on the 10th floor is fully equipped for simple cooking. From regular meals for long-stay guests to arrangements of local ingredients that you see for the first time, the way you enjoy your trip will vary to your liking.


Comic Space

You can always read 1,000 comics for free, from classic popular series to the latest favorites. You can enjoy it in your room or at the lounge area.

Cycle Stand

You can leave their precious bicycle at the front desk. Air pumps and maintenance tools are available for rent. 〈WeBase Takamatsu is a “Hospitality Supporter of Cycling Around Shikoku”〉

Nespresso Machine


Flat-screen TV

Electric Kettle


USB Charging Port

Safe Lock

Mini Kitchen

There are facilities where you can cook simple dishes for yourself. Make your own dishes using shikoku ingredients, as well as familiar dishes.

Shower room for dormitory guests

There is a shared shower room on the 10th floor.

USB Charging Port

Each bed has an outlet/USB charging port, which is convenient for charging electronic devices and using a personal computer.

Safe Lock

There is a safe lock for valuables. You can set your personal password and use it.

Air purifier

Several air purifiers are running all the time.


Private Room Amenities

WeBase Takamatsu, aiming to become an eco-friendly hotel, finished installing amenities such as razors, and shower caps on April 1, 2022 in an effort to reduce plastic waste. ※Some rooms are excluded.

Coffee Capsule
Body Soap
Hand Soap
Room Wear
Bath Mat
Bath Towel & Face Towel
Air Freshener

Dormitory Amenity

Additional towels and amenities will be charged (from 100 yen). Shampoos are available in the shared bathroom.

Bath Towel
Body Soap
Hand Soap

Other Amenities

Available at the front desk floor.

Cotton & swab
Body towel
Foldable Hair Comb
Diaper Deodorant Bag
Skin Care Set (makeup remover, cleanser, toner, milky lotion)

Rental Service

Please pick up your checked-out items at the front desk. If the items are not returned, a loss fee may be charged.
Please note that there is a limited number of items available.
*1...A deposit of 5,000 yen is required at the time of rental and will be refunded upon return.
*2...300 yen rental fee
*3...Located in front of the elevator on each floor. Please feel free to use it.
*4...200 yen rental fee

Desk Stand
Clothing Iron
Extension Cord
Phone Charger
Nail Cutter
Sewing Kit
Hair Iron
Conversion Plug
Wi-Fi Router※1
Bottle Opener
Wine Opener
Ice Bucket
Bicycle Air Pump
Bicycle Maintenance Set
Pants Presser※3
Pajamas for kids (120cm) ※4
Shower chair
Toilet handrail
Baby Lotion
Baby Bath Mat (newborn to around 6 months)
Baby Bath Chair (newborn to around 24 months)
Bed-wetting Pad

How to ask for Housekeeping

WeBase TAKAMATSU cleans guest rooms in consideration of environmental protection. Bed linens (sheets, pillowcases, and nightwear) are not generally changed during room cleaning for consecutive nights.
If you wish to have your bed linen changed, please notify the front desk by 11 a.m. If you do not wish to have your room cleaned, please notify by sticking the “Do Not Disturb” magnet in front of your door. The cleaning staff will not enter your room, but will hang a set of towels, toothbrush, and mineral water on the doorknob. However, if your are staying for 4 nights or more, we will clean your room every 3 days for hygiene purposes.
※Eco-cleaning is a service for private room guests only.
※We will not come in to clean your room if there are no cards affixed.