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Art in Hakata old town まるごとミュージアム

“Aerial Being” showed up in Reisen Park which is 30 seconds by walk …[MORE]

Tenugui: a thin Japanese hand towel 手拭い

Hello. Tenugui that I often use like a handkerchief and I love it. A Tenugui is …[MORE]

History of Cats 旅の守り神

Hi! History of cats: Back in the day when people traveled around the world by se…[MORE]

Nyapy the 2nd version ”ニャーピー”第2弾

Nyapy the 2nd version is now in the showcase of our neighbor “Ohsaki Shusu…[MORE]

Hakata Souvenir 博多土産

안녕하세요. 위베이스하카타 프런트에서 하카타오리로 만드는 선물을 판매합니다〜^_^귀걸이〜 하카타오리: 하카타에서 나는 두꺼운 견직물. &nbsp…[MORE]


Have you seen KABUKI? It is held from June 2nd to 26th. You must be enjoy seeing…[MORE]

【博多松囃子(まつばやし)】Hakata Matsubayashi 

  2018年5月3日の朝、三福神がWeBase 博多を表敬訪問してくださいました。 博多839年の伝統の誇り松囃子は、益々の弥栄を祈念してくださる新…[MORE]