Lounge From breakfast to events, it's a place where people can get together anytime

A suitable space for every occasion

In the morning, the lounge space is crowded with guests for the breakfast buffet. In addition to the high-speed Wi-Fi and power outlets, the lounge is also equipped with PCs, printers, copiers, etc., so you can use it as a business working space where you can get your work done.
There are various ways to use the lounge, depending on your plan, from private events to small gatherings.
Please enjoy your time in our public lounge.

・Equipped with power supply and free Wi-Fi
・Business Lounge 38 seats (Approx. 75㎡)
・Cafe Space 78 seats (Approx. 250㎡)
・Travel books and magazines
・Desk, chair, copy machine available

Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN)
Frequency Band: 2.4GHz, 5GHz
Internet Speed: Low 130Mbps High 150Mbps
※Internet Speed is a reference value. Depending on the usage conditions, the Internet Speed may be lower than indicated.

Business Use
Private Use
Private Use

The 116-seat 320㎡ open lounge can be used in a variety of styles. Free Wi-Fi, rechargeable power supplies, and a built-in desktop computer and printer are installed. In addition, you can bring in food and drinks, and you can freely view a rich selection of books and magazines on sightseeing, art, etc. during the rest of the day. We are waiting for you with a comfortable environment as a place where your inspiration is born.

・During busy seasons and private events, admission may be restricted.

There are more than 40 kinds of popular menus, including standard Japanese and Western dishes, as well as dishes from around the world, dishes that are popular around the world, and "Sanuki udon" that allows you to enjoy the local atmosphere in a "self-service" style.

We will rent WeBase Takamatsu's 2nd floor Business Lounge and Cafe Space.

Those who are looking for event space / Those who are looking for a study space
Those who are looking for a shooting location / Those who want to hold small group meetings
It can be used in various ways.

【Business Lounge Access Plan】
・Available time: 11:00-22:00
・Fee ¥8,778~ / 1 hour  ・Capacity: 38 people (number of seats)
・Facilities: Desks, chairs * Please contact us for other terms and conditions of use.