About Us

What is WeBase HAKATA?

"Welcome home" and "I'm home" are the natural greetings you hear at the front desk.
Stationed in a bright and clean building where you can feel at ease. People you can converse with about your journies and memories.
Once you step out of the hostel, you will find yourself in the historic old town of Hakata. WeBase HAKATA is the place where you can realize a trip unique to you.

Why choose

Deep impact! Statue of SHIP’S CAT

Cats have been on board with humans since ancient times. They have been protecting cargo, food, and ships from rats, preventing epidemics, and at times serving as friends to heal the crew's hearts. "SHIP'S CAT" was born with the motif of a "guardian god of journey" that has traveled around the world with humans. It was created by a contemporary artist Kenji Yanobe in 2017. SHIP'S CAT sticks its face out of the window at the entrance to welcome you.

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Excellent location
in the heart of Hakata!

A 3-minute walk from Exit 7 of Nakasu Kawabata Station. Only one subway ride to Hakata Station, Tenjin, and Fukuoka Airport. A 3-minute walk to Kawabata Shopping Arcade, a 4-minute walk to Kushida Shrine, a 5-minute walk to Nakasu downtown area. It is also a 10-minute walk to the Nakasu Yatai (food stall) .

Late-night check-in available

The front desk staff is on duty 24 hours a day, so you can check in until 2:00 AM. Guests can check in after a meal in downtown Nakasu which is 5-minute walk away.

”Morning snack” every day!

Every morning from 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM, we offer a complimentary self-serve snack for everyone to enjoy during your stay. Menu: bread, yogurt, orange juice, soup *vary from time to time

Public space available
24 hours a day

The stylish and open Books&Lounge is available 24 hours. It's convenient for eating dinner and working on a PC. In addition, you'll have access to our library of over 1,500 books. The kitchen has cooking utensils so that you can cook your meals.

Bright, clean, and diverse
room types

We have 7 types of rooms, from casual capsule types like Mixed Dorm(for all genders), Female Dorm, Male Dorm, and Bunk Beds (for 2-4 people) to our family-friendly King Room. You can choose the room that best suits your travel needs. To ensure our customers have a comfortable stay, professional cleaning staff perform daily cleaning of the premises.

Clean and convenient
common areas

We have an all-gender shower room and a female only shower room (7 booths each).
The staff cleans and disinfects the rooms regularly to ensure they are always spotless. Available until 3:00 AM (open from 5:00 AM).

Friendly, helpful,
and multi-cultural staff

WeBase HAKATA's staff members have experience living or studying abroad, and some can speak as many as five languages! They are all cheerful, unique, and love traveling! If you have any doubts about your travel plans, please feel free to ask us. We would be happy to help you.