[On Sale Starting April 15] Kenji Yanobe’s “SHIP’S CAT Ver.1.5” Capsule Toy

Contemporary artist Kenji Yanobe’s “SHIP’S CAT” has now appeared in a palm-sized version.

It is packed with the same attention to parts, materials, and details as a large sculpture. The latest version of this capsule toy, “SHIP’S CAT Ver.1.5,” will also be available for sale at WeBase Hakata starting April 15th (Monday).


AIP Kenji Yanobe SHIP’S CAT Ver.1.5

Price: 500 yen each (tax included)
Varieties: 3 types
Release date in Hakata: April 15th (Monday)
*There are no gachapon machines.
*You can choose any capsule you like, but you cannot check the contents beforehand.
*The “AIP Kenji Yanobe SHIP’S CAT” is also on sale.

You do not need to be staying at the hotel to purchase, so please feel free to ask us.