【Declaration of Safety and Security】Countermeasures for Infectious Diseases Taken by the Hostel (updated January 1)

WeBase Hakata has the『Fukuoka STAY Safety and Security Declaration』and is an「hostel where you can feel safe and secure as if you were at home」.

We promise to continue to be a safe facility where guests can stay with peace of mind, with thorough infection control measures in place 24 hours a day.

~Safety and Security Initiatives~


■ Request to all visitors

    • Hand sanitizer upon entry
    • Taking body temperature and filling out health questionnaire
      ※In case of a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, we may refuse to accommodate you in accordance with the instructions of the public health center.
    • Awareness of hand washing and cough etiquette

Staff health management

  • All staff wearing masks, washing hands, gargling, and taking good care of their health
  • Health checks and temperature measurement of all staff at arrival and departure from work
    ※If they have any symptoms of a cold, they are not allowed to come to work.
  • Routine antigen testing of all staff
  • Thorough hand washing and hand sanitizing before and during work
  • Backyard: Disinfectant solution, thorough cleaning, alcohol sterilization



■ Sanitation in the building
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  • Installation of disinfectant solution
  • Installation of front splash prevention panel
  • Front desk, check-in panel, pens, and key cards: sanitized with alcohol after each use
  • Regular ventilation of entrances
  • Limit on the number of people admitted to the front desk
  • Use a tray to receive money and cards at the time of settlement


[Guest rooms]

  • Use of antibacterial wallpaper
  • Careful cleaning and regular ventilation
  • Thoroughly sanitize walls, handrails, doorknobs, and other areas touched by hands with alcohol.
  • Sterilization by ozone generator and ultraviolet lamps, constant deodorization by air cleaner, humidity control ※Ozone and ultraviolet light are considered effective in inactivating viruses
  • 3rd floor dormitory: Installation of CO2 measurement equipment
  • Garbage collection: Wear masks and gloves, sealed and disposed of



  • Installation of disinfectant solution
  • Table and kitchen appliances (microwave, kettle, etc.): Alcohol sanitization every 2-3 hours, focusing on areas that come into contact with hands
  • Kitchen area: strict sanitation and cleaning every 3 hours
  • Dishes: Proper washing and disinfection
  • Request to secure social distance
  • Installation of CO2 measurement equipment


  • Installation of disinfectant solution
  • Buttons: Hourly alcohol sterilization
  • Cleaning and alcohol sterilization of the entire area including floors and walls

[Shower rooms and restrooms]

    • Use of antibacterial wallpaper
    • Installation of disinfectant solution
  • Cleaning during the day and night, and regular ventilation
  • Thoroughly sanitize walls, handrails, doorknobs, and other areas touched by hands with alcohol.
  • Sterilization and deodorization using ozone generator
  • Shower rooms: Informing the public of busy times
  • Washroom space: Request to secure social distance
  • Toilet doorknobs: use of copper-ion antibacterial sheets
  • Collection of used towels: Sealed and stored, washed and disinfected



If you have any concerns about your stay, please feel free to contact us.
Font Desk:092‐292‐2322