Common Area



The lounge is open 24/7, with power ports and high-speed Wi-Fi. Feel free to use this area for eating, drinking, and chatting.


We have more than 1,500 books lined up, including Fukuoka's history, tourist information, and novels.
You can also bring your favorite books to your room and enjoy reading at your leisure.

Communal TV

You can watch your favourite programmes on the shared TV in the lounge. Please share the TV with other guests.


There is an open kitchen for simple cooking. The kitchen has all kinds of equipment; refrigerator, kettle, microwave, IH cooking heater, and other electrical appliances. There is also a water tap, cooking utensils, and crockery for your use.

Breakfast (7:00AM-9:30AM)

Self-service breakfast (bread, yogurt, soup, and orange juice) is available for all guests.

Rental Equipment

We offer a rental service for board games, partitions, stacking chairs, etc. If you would like to use them, feel free to ask our staff.

Terrace & Smoking Space

We have a terrace located on the 9th floor where you can take a breather and enjoy the fresh air. An ashtray is also set up there.

Vending Machine Corner

We have vending machines installed, including:

・Non Alcohol Vending Machine (Coffee, Soft Drinks, Mineral Water, etc.)
・Alcohol Vending Machine (Asahi Beer, Kaku Highball, Sours, etc.)"

Shower Rooms

We have a shower room for all-gender and a shower room for females (7 booths each). Opening hours: 4:00 PM - 11:00 AM (Cleaning time: 3:00 AM - 5:00 AM)

Bathroom Amenities

Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are equipped. Bath towel and slippers are in the room (One bath towel is proveided per night. Extra bath towel will cost 100yen).

Washroom Area

The area is equipped with face&hand soap and a hairdryer. Hair irons are also available on request. Please ask our staff if you would like to borrow one.

Toilet Facilities

There are toilets with warm-water bidet-function for all genders and Universal Toilets on the 1st and the 6th floor.

Washing machine & Dryer

Available 24 hours a day. Washing machines are 200 yen per load, and dryers are 100 yen per 30 minutes. Machines accept 100 yen coins only.


Powdered detergent with fabric softener (free of charge) is available.

Clothes Iron & Lint Roller

Ironing board and steam iron, as well as a lint roller, are available.