A place to meet people,
a place to spend time in comfort

"Books&Lounge" is a space-share service where you could spend your time relaxing, using it as a coworking or an event space. Open 24 hours, free of charge for all guests that stay at WeBase HAKATA!

The lounge on the 9th floor is suitable for a co-working space provided with plenty of outlets. Open 24 hours a day, and you can even bring your food!

A bright, sunny, and warm space.
There is a small Tatami area with cushions for relaxation.

The wall-to-wall library contains over 1500 novels, picture books, magazines, and manga. We also have a large selection of travel books and guides of Fukuoka, so why not plan a day out?

In the centre of the lounge you will find a real open kitchen. The kitchen is fully equipped with crockery, frying pans, rice cooker, etc., making it ideal for those who wish to save money on food. You can also have a potluck with your friends.

Projector, amplifier and microphone set, whiteboard, and so on are available for rental (extra charge). If you would like to borrow these items, please feel free to ask our staff.

There is also a smoking area on the terrace. You can also relax at a table there with a nice view.

What is "Books&Lounge"?

"Books&Lounge" is a shared service of the WeBase HAKATA 9F lounge.
*This service is free of charge for guests who stay at WeBase HAKATA.

■Usage fee (1 - 4 persons) *Tax included

1.Less than 1 hour 400 yen
2.Less than 2 hours 700 yen
3.Less than 3 hours 1,000 yen
4.More than 3 hours 1,500 yen
5.Over 6 hours 2,000 yen
―Pre-school children pay half the adult rate.

■More information

Click here for more information about group rates (for groups of 5 or more), monthly rates, and unavailable dates.

■Opening hours

7:00AM – 11:00PM

■How to use

・Admission and annual fee: free (registration is required for the first time using)
・Please make a reservation in advance by phone or email, or come directly to the reception.