【EVENT】2023 FaN & Art Tea Party Report👘

Report on the recent “FaN & Art Tea Party”.✨


For three days from September 22 (Fri.) to 24 (Sun.), 2023, photographer Fumio Kinoshita will exhibit his works on the theme of “Travel” and

Tea Ceremony by Omotesenke Tea Ceremony Professors was held!!!


A view of Mr. Kinoshita’s photo exhibition.


Many people were looking at the works of art, which were impressive by the sunlight!






This is a tea ceremony by Omotesenke tea ceremony professors!


I watched the beauty of the gestures when making tea.

“Omotesenke” uses less foam when making tea to create a bubble-free area in the center of the tea,

called the “moon”..✨

Many guests were enthralled by the delicious tea🍵 and Japanese sweets.







This is a kimono dressing experience!



A quick shot in a kimono!!!



The Art Tea Party was held as part of FaN Week (Fun Week).


FaN Week continues until the 22nd of this month, with a variety of art-related events taking place throughout Fukuoka City!😃


Why not take this opportunity to come and visit Fukuoka~~~!!!





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